Lossless vs enhanced signal path

When I stream to my Cambridge 851 N Roon ready the signal path is labeled enhanced. Looks like the internal upsampling to 384/32 triggers that.
Same network, this time Elac Discovery 101 as an Roon ready endpoint show lossless signal path. Pretty sure the Elac does some kind of upsampling too.
Why is there a difference in signal path qualification?

Are you using the native or standard outputs on the elac? Native is just that, standard upsamples everything. Both should show up in roon.

Yes, the 851 upsamples everything.

A signal screenshot would help i think.

here are two screenshots of the signal paths:

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It’s the elac server, not the endpoint?

I have a dedicated Roon server as the core. Elac is recognized as an endpoint as is the 851.

Yes I get that but which model number is the Elac?

Sorry, misunderstood your question. It is the server version DS-S101-G

That looks right to me. Roon Ready devices will often report what happens internally on the endpoint after RAAT. In the second case, the 851N is upsampling and reporting this fact back to Roon via RAAT so that you can see this in your signal path. Pretty cool.

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The Elac manual mentions that the digital outputs can’t be grouped with the analogue ones as they are in native mode. So it looks like the analogue outputs are upsampled as compared to the pass through on the digital.

Yes, that is what I think too. My questions why Roon qualifies the stream via Elac as ‘Lossless’ and via Cambridge 851 N as ‘Enhanced’? Both units are Roon ready and both units do up-sample the input signal which triggers the ’ Enhanced qualification’ of the 851 signal path. Some inconsistency in Roon’s approach?

I would imagine that it only upsamples to 96 and as it’s arriving at that it’s effectively in pass through.
Just a guess though. :slight_smile:

Yeah…I guess Roon Ready certification does not require devices to report all details back to Core.

What do you see when playing a 44k1 track?

Shows the same path quality, Lossless for the Elac and Enhanced for the Cambridge. Appears that the upscaling triggers the Enhanced qualifier.

Yep, that is correct, but Roon only knows that the DAC is upsamping if it reports it to Roon via RAAT … in the case of this Elac device it’s not.

So I guess the question is why Elac does not do this … one for Elac support?

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Perhaps the Elac doesn’t upsample MQA files once decoded. It’s the only thing that comes to mind as to what is happening.

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That actually makes sense.

Cool. I believe my Oppo acts the same way. If it is unfolded completely, it leaves it alone. If it is a partial unfold, it will upsample it.

Ran a regular non MQA 44.1 FLAC and the same behavior. MQA does not play a role in this configuration nor does the sample frequency.