Lossy playback arc after last update

All of a sudden my android auto sounds pretty bad with ARC
I use ARC to my android auto. When checking the path the audio path is degraded.

Whats changed?
If i were to do a support ticket what info woukd I use?

At this quality i might as well use Spotify.

Direct to tidal and qobuz is high bitrate. But thats to my phone. Can i have core send the signal to my phone first? The Bluetooth connection from my phone to android auto is spectacular.

The source file is an mp3

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Dam. I didn’t see that. I was wondering if arc were to send the signal to my phone first then using Bluetooth send the music to android auto.
I have a galaxy s21ultra. It has realy good converters. If i use the native tidal app and connects to android auto the quality is excellent. Same with qobuz. Im not sure the difference between running the native app from phone to Bluetooth vs running arc directly to android auto bypassing the phone.
I get lost .