Lost a lot of work!

Hy - after i had connection problems with qobuz (Connection problems to qobuz) I loged out from qobuz via roon and loged in again.

The big problem is now, that I had an mediathek with 13.000 songs and deleted all not so good songs the last few weeks - yesterday my work was done finaly with an result of about 1200 songs.

But now - after my reconnect, i have again 7.000 songs - so al lot of my work from the last weeks is destroid!!! How can I fix this - I have an playlist export from roon with my 1200 songs but - since all songs are songs from qobuz - i can not import this playlist because nothing happens.

I cleared now my hole playlist and tried the import again - but nothing happens…

Please help!!

I think this happened after I cleard the cover cache - after I cleared now again all songs from my mediathek and several restarts they still where cleard. After I cleard the cover cache - again 7000 songs where in my mediathek.

The problem is now, how do I get the songs from my Roon Excel Export from 1200 qobuz songs back into my mediathek??

Hello @wawo,

Can you please share a screenshot of the affected playlist? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to Community.

How exactly have you deleted the tracks? Were all of these tracks local tracks or only Qobuz tracks? How exactly did you clear your cover cache? Can you provide the specific steps you used?
Do you have a Backup of your Roon database before you started this process?



Thx for your answer! I could track all my steps back and I am now shure that the problem was to clear the Art Work Cache!? But first things first:

At first my qobuz titles (I have only qobuz and no local tracks) stoped playing today - now I know that was a problem with my qobuz account and not with roon but I did’t know this at first. So i tried to logout and login to qobuz in roon - nothing changed…

I closed roon and restarted - - nothing changed…

I restarted the mac - - nothing changed…

Then I deleted my Art Work Cache in Roon because I belived that there is a memory problem perhaps (see screenshot) and after that I had again 7000 tracks in my mediathek and not 1200 as I had before…

I think with the cache clearing I had my tracks like I had it a few days before I cleaned the rest.

Before all of that I exporeted the hole tracks as xls playlist from roon - but this doesn’t helped because I can not import it because there only qobuz tracks…

The next problem was, that roon was configurated to do auto backup - but max. 10 (I thought the 11th backup will delete the first and so on) but insted the last backup was 7 days old because that was the 10th backup…
Am I right? This is very very bad - i think it will be a lot better if it will be possible to set up for 10 backups and you allways have the last ten and not max 10 an no more after that…

So I havent any posibility with roon to restore all my work - but I could sync the most with soundiiz (but very very difficult - i had to change the export xls file from roon to only two collums and to a text file… as original xml soundiiz found only 500 songs, with 2 cols 750songs and as txt file 1200 songs and I included the last 100 manuell)

The next problem was that in the xml export from roon a lot of double content was - ca. 150 songs from 2000 songs - how could this be - in the roon mediathek there is no double content possibility…

And the last problem is, that in roon directly under Playlist - the new qobuz playlist sometimes took days before they came up. I have to go too Quobuz / Playlistst - mark all the songs and than make a new playlist so that i can see the new playist directly under the “playlist” section in roon…!

So i suffered from so many bugs and it cost me so much work that I’m realy unhappy with roon for the moment and I hope things will get better soon…

Sorry for my bad english…

Hello @wawo,

Sorry to hear about your frustrations here. While we can’t address Qobuz specific account issues I am glad that you were able to discover this as the source of the issue preventing playback.

As for the other issues you reported, we are currently looking into some Qobuz syncing issues and working directly with Qobuz to resolve them. This will likely be addressed in our next release so I would keep an eye on our release notes section of Community for more information in that regard.

The backups issue you mentioned seems strange, it should operate the way you describe, if you have set a max of 10 backups, then when it’s time to perform backup #11 then the first one in the cycle would get overwritten. Is it possible that you ran out of space on the hard drive perhaps?

There can be some cases where you have duplicates of your content, this sometimes happens when you select different versions of the same tracks or Soundiiz equivalencies the tracks to different versions when running their matching algorithm, this is not clear.

I do apologize for any unpleasantness you may have experienced and if you have any other questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Hi! Today I have a new big problem!!!

I had about 1200 qobuz titles now in my mediathek but today there where only 145 left!?

So I got back to an backup from yesterday - when roon restarts there are again 1200 titles - then the “spinnig” icon shows that roon is updating the libary and after a few seconds there are again only 145 titles left.

I hope this is only a themporary problem with qobuz today so that not again i lost my hole work with the mediathek!!

Still the same Problem today :frowning: Please fix this of help me asap!

As you See in the screenshots- After backup restore there are 1140 qobuz Titels in my libary- After a few seconds the Titel value Drops every second for about 100-200 Songs (1177, 950, 700, …) and After the process stops there are only 145 titles left !!!

Hi @wawo,

Thank you for providing those screenshots. We are working directly with Qobuz to resolve some syncing issues such as the ones you mentioned here.

Qobuz has been actively investigating this issue and is taking steps towards a resolution, they are hoping to have a fix live next week. As soon as I have more information to share, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Hi @Wawo,

We’ve received word from Qobuz that they’ve rolled out an update that should resolve any syncing issues. Please let me know how things are going now that this fix has been released.



No, there is still the same Problem (After a week i can‘t listen to my Music!!!) - this is realy frustrating!

Hey @wawo – sorry for the trouble here.

I discussed this with Noris and I wanted to just check in to make sure we understand the issue, since we’ve heard from a number of users that the fixes Qobuz implemented recently have resolved issues for them.

Can you explain exactly what’s wrong as of today?

You mentioned a few different issues above, so I’m hoping you can summarize whether you’re still having issues syncing content from Qobuz or something else?

Specifically, is there content that you’re seeing in your Qobuz library (meaning on their website or in their app) that’s not showing up in Roon?

I have / had 1450 Songs from qobuz in my roon mediathek (Not playlist) Last week there where only 145 left.

When i go back to a backup in the beginning i have again 1450 songs but after a few seconds it goes from 1450 to 1350- 1200- 900 and so on and stops again by 145

This problem is „only“ with titles in the roon mediathek- all playlists working fine - stangly I have a playlist which has nearly the same titles i had in the mediathek and all songs from this playlist (1440) are found and playable via qobuz.

If you’re expecting restoring the backup to change the current contents of your Qobuz library, that’s not going to work – Roon is always going to sync the contents of your library to the content that’s currently in your Qobuz account.

After you restore the backup, your Roon library will sync to your Qobuz library, so this doesn’t necessarily sound wrong – that sync can take some time.

So, I think the next step here is to answer this question:

Then we’ll understand a bit more about about what’s going wrong here. Thanks!

As i wrote i have a playlist with allmost the same songs and the play well. I lost 1300 songs in one day without anything doing over night- that cant be normal:-)

So i‘m absolutly shure that at leat almost all titles are still in the qobuz directory- but lost from my mediathek (After the first sync whitch only takes about one minute) and Never came back (i had now the same mediathek for one week)

What do you meen by that:

If you’re expecting restoring the backup to change the current contents of your Qobuz library, that’s not going to work – Roon is always going to sync the contents of your library to the content that’s currently in your Qobuz account.

The qobuz app doesnt know anything from roon - i have some qobuz Playlists there whitch i can also See in roon but qobuz dont sync with roon (whitch is a big feature request by the way) so qobuz never knows the mediathek titles from roon neither any roon playlist- right?

Hi @wawo – I’m not sure what you mean here, but this is not true:

Tracks and albums in your Roon library is the same content you have marked as favorites – if you delete a track in the Qobuz app, it is automatically removed from your Roon library. And if you delete a track or album in Roon, it will no longer be marked as a favorite in Qobuz.

As for playlists – playlists created in Roon do not sync back to Qobuz, but Qobuz playlists do sync Roon.

Hopefully that’s clear.

VXHi thx - this explains a lot!

I looked now at Qobuz App and there are only marked 145 Songs as favorit - But how I lost the other 1300 without any doing from my side? Or the more important question: when I start roon after I get back from a backup there are still all songs here for someone seconds- as i wrote- so i think anywhere in roon there must still be the info which songs i had favorite- how can i mark them all back as favorite - or do you think they are still marked as favorite but there is still some sync problem with qobuz

The backup is a snapshot of your library from the moment in time when it was created, so you’re seeing what your library looks like before the sync happens – as I mentioned before:

I understand what you’re looking for, but there’s no way to prevent that sync from happening, and this is not what backups are designed for.

It’s hard to say, but you mentioned above you were deleting content from Roon – maybe that’s what happened here:

I would be surprised if there was a bug here, since we haven’t heard about these issues from others, but we can look into this for you.

Noris had previously asked for information about how you were deleting this content – if you tell us how you were deleting the content we can look into this, but I don’t think there’s a simple way to get this content back into your library, unfortunately.

Sorry for the trouble here @wawo.

I now tried this:

I got back to a backup. Then, after the 1114 songs showed up i deconeced from internet and export them into an excel - see at the bottom dropbox link.

Then I put all 1114 songs into a new roon playlist.

After i acivated the internet again the mediathek list shinked again to 145 songs.

I sitll have all 1114songs in the playlist - but I cant play any of the songs because they all are marked as unavaiable. Butt as the same time in my old playlist with allmost all titles the same i can play all songs!? Very strange.

Here ist my list of my lost 1114 songs: