Lost a Tidal Album from Roon, looks like it’s been swapped on Tidal

Ok, interesting one. I’ve been travelling so not sure if this happened as part of the recent updates, or it was just coincident timing Tidals end, but…

I had album ‘Electric Lines by Joe Goddard’ which is great btw and have been playing a lot past few months.

When I came to play it tonight it wasn’t in Roon. Weird, so I added it back but noticed that I’ve lost my play counts and favourites, but more strangely upon listening realised some tracks were different. I can confirm this as I have a downloaded copy on the Tidal iPhone App which has the tracks I was used to before. I think at leas5 the last three tracks are new but the rest look the same.

So, just curious what happened here. Presumably Tidal should have flagged the switch to Roon so it could be updated Roon’s end, or is that impossible as it needs to be favourited in my Tidal account?

Shame I lost the play counts and favourite track info but it’s not that important.