Lost ability to control Sonos volume in Roon

I am not sure what happened but in Roon the volume control for one of my Zoneplayers is now showing as fixed though it is not. I can control the volume of this Zoneplayer in the Sonos desktop app though. All of my other Zoneplayers are working as normal. I didnt have this problem before. If I go into the Sonos app and change the volume setting from variable to fixed then back to variable the problem goes away. This happens once in a while. Anyone else experience this?


Is this a new bug as of build 269? I would be surprised if it is, but I need to check.

Can I get a set of logs that shows the problem? Iā€™m guessing it happens on Roon startup, or maybe on disabling/re-enabling the device in settings -> audio? Roon attempts to check whether the volume is set to fixed when it starts the Sonos zone, but apparently there is a bug there.


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