Lost Access to Nucleus+

Nucleus+ (rev B) 4TB
SN: 54B2039C5506
Connected directly to Xfinity Modem via ethernet cable

Description of Issue

Device has connected flawlessly for over a year and now cannot connect at all. I have tried rebooting Xfinity modem, new cables, rebooting Nucleus+, etc. It is clear the device is powering up and the ethernet port shows activity. I do not think it is a connectivity issue; I think it is the device itself. I used to be able to access the device via IP address and now no longer can. The device’s MAC is also no longer visible on my network. I am out of ideas. The only conclusion I come to is that the Nucleus+ device is no longer working properly.

What are my next steps to get my much-loved device back up and running?

Thank you.


If you cannot access via its IP address I would agree it does not sound to hopeful
One last test possibly, can you connect it to a monitor via hdmi and see if any display when you reboot it?
Best to ping @support for you

Nothing happens when I reboot it after connecting to monitor via HDMI.

Sounds like bad news but lets see what support has to say after the weekend.


Any update?

Hey @Jamie_Munson,

Ben here with the support team, I will follow up via PM for next steps. Please keep an eye out for a private message from me :+1:

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