Lost Albums after upgrade to 1.7

ROON Version 1.7 (build 500) stable (64bit)

**Network Details Ethernet 1Giga, WiFi only for the Ipad-App


**Audio Devices Logitec Squeezebox touch, Logitec-Radio, bluesound radio

Description Of Issue

After upgrading to ROON 1.7 overview indicates 5902 Album (6001 with ROON 1.6) Artists ist down also in about the same amount. I do not know which Albums are missing.

Hi @Axel_Hammann,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Are there any files showing up in skipped files?

There are some files in the “skipped files” file. But these are in this file for a long time and there are no new files.

The image does not show anything special, as far as can see.
It makes me a little scary that there are about 100 albums missing. I would not have realized it, but I just hit the 6000. So I was aware of the exact amount.

Hi @Axel_Hammann,

What is your “Show hidden tracks and albums” set to in Roon Settings -> General?
If it’s off and you toggle this on, do you see the 6001 albums you had previously?

Absolutely no change. Everything reamins the same.

Could it be that the rescan after 1.7 has correctly identified and created multi disc albums that were not present before, track numbers before and after may help in identifying this is you have them?

This may be possible, yes. But the fact that the amount of interpreter is also significant lower makes it not very likely.

Hi @Axel_Hammann,

I spoke to the team recently regarding the behavior you’re seeing here. They have mentioned that it is possible that some box-sets were merged in the latest update.

Do you by any chance recall the exact number of tracks you had part of your library before performing the update? While the box-sets might affect the album count, this shouldn’t affect the overall track count. Of course, it would help if you could find an example or two of tracks or albums that are missing.

Also, can you please check your Settings -> Library -> Library Maintenance -> Clean Up Library tab? Don’t actually clean up the library, but just check to see if you have any files associated with disabled storage locations and if you do, please share a screenshot of this tab.


The amount of albums, tracks and interpreters moved in a kind of parallel way.

Is there a “max amount” of albums per interpreter?

Is there a new and different handling of tracks from Tidal? In the sequence file (tracks listened since starting with ROON) are a lot tracks marked as “not available”. These tracks are all from Tidal. I don have a Tidal Abo anymore. Maybe the new version is handling this different.

Hi @Axel_Hammann,

I’m not sure I understand your question here, what are you referring to as "per interpreter?

How many TIDAL albums did have? It sounds like you don’t have this service at all anymore, is that correct? Did you by any chance have the missing ~100 albums on TIDAL?

Interpreter = artist (singer, musican) eg. Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen,…

Hi @Axel_Hammann,

Ah, thank you for clarifying that, I never heart the term interpreter as being referencing an artist. But to answer your question - no, I’m not aware of any album limit per artist.

I would like to reference this part of my above post:

The number of tracks was close to 90‘000.

So number of lost albums, tracks and artist fits very good together.

Hi @Axel_Hammann,

Do you by any chance have Qobuz or TIDAL integration set up? I wonder if perhaps some tracks were removed from the streaming services and that’s what your’e noticing? Do you have any examples of the missing artists?

I used Tidal for several month about a year ago. But I am quite confident that I did not listen to 100 Albums on Tidal. That is the reason why I cancelled the abo.
I will have a closer look on the files during weekend.

I did not find any problems and missing file-entries. But it is a bit tricky to look through about 90k files. Maybe the amount of albums shown before was wrong. I will wait and watsch. If there files missing, I still have a backup to copy them to the productive system.

Hi @Axel_Hammann,

Thanks for the update here. If you can point to any specific examples, we can take a look, otherwise it’s best to compare the files to the backup you had in place.