Lost albums again

I just lost a big bunch of albums in My Library/Albums. Went from 344 to 93 and totally random. They all show up in Browse/Qobuz so I assume the mysterious album sync issue is back? I have updated my Lumin U1 Mini streamer to 14.2 today but that shouldn’t be part of this issue? Done the normal things like log out, log in, reboot etc. Nothing helped.

Anyone else experienced the same?

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It has been happening on a random basis over the last few days again yes.

It does seem less severe but not much help to those affected.
However there are a few reported that albums were back again in a day so you might just have to sit and wait it out for now unfortunately.


For update. Got all albums back today with no actions needed from my side. Strange this bug.


It happened several times before and they’ve always come back.

Strange thig is it does not happen to all of us. This time for example, I did not notice mine had gone.

Missing 6k Qobuz albums again.

The albums are returning.

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