Lost all albums after last update (mac)

I have lost all albums in Roon I had 300+ albums. Today I started Roon and I had zero albums. But when I add a new album to the folder watched it is added.

Hope we can solve this?

Hi @iWillem – can you confirm what version you’re running?

You can find this information on the About page, available on the Settings screen.

Let me know, and if needed we’ll take a deeper look. Thanks!

Strange. The albums added after the lost albums are also lost when I close Roon and stated it again. So I rebooted my mac and als albums are back… So I closed Roon again and started it again. It seems the albums are all back. Don’t know what happend. My files are on a NAS Qnap with smb and i have build 16.

It is very weird behavior @iWillem. I’ll PM you shortly to grab logs.


I’ve seen this before, but not for some time - probably a network connection issue. i.e. Roon “decided” that the NAS was not available before it became available.

Already posted in another thread about this today…and several times previously

All modern NAS’s have Apple’s Time Machine functionality built in

When OSX 10.9 or 10.10 sees them on the network, it will default to attempting to connect to them via AFP…rather than the SMB it will default to when connecting to other Macs on the network

IMHO, the best advice is to

  1. Disable Time Machine Functionality on the NAS
  2. Disable AFP Services on the NAS
  3. Use Finder app on Mac…and Go [in menubar]…Connect to Server…smb://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to connect to the NAS device
  4. Then use that Mount in Roon to point at your Music folder on the NAS

I’ve found that this gives the most consistent overall performance…without Apple’s Time Machine attempted connections getting in the way and just confusing communications

Also see this post about connecting to Synology NAS via SMB 3 rather than the SMB 1 that Windows Files Services defaults to

Even though the whole Appearing / Disappearing Library is more consistent with AFP getting in the way