Lost all displays on b402 update before reboot

After the timed restart and update on beta channel To b402 I have lost clock display and zone playing too. This happened on 3 different setups all going from fine on b401 to 402.

Audio is fine and no issues in GUI. Same is after reboot as indicated is needed in the GUI

Here is a feedback after the forced reboot b0a7e45ec599d1b3 @spockfish

i can reproduce this with the beta, so i’m on it.

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Yeah I hope it can be recovered with a simple update and not have to refresh the SD cards. Let me know if you need a test update and ill try to do asap…Odd that I tried to revert to stable and it wouldn’t change from 402

Something else rather odd on units with Wifi and LAN connected. Im seeing the LAN IP address for example listed 2 x once for wifi and once for wired even tho the wifi is DHCP reserved to .142.

also seeing a suffix of -wired in the host name…is this something new?

Nope. This has always been the case.

I have at least one display back…assuming the others are ok too but yet to venture out of the bedroom. Thanks @spockfish Harry. No other intervention other than the usual reboot in the GUI I assume.

All good again…Thanks Harry