Lost all functionality. Database is empty. No audio devices. None of the backups restore

Things have been working fine for months. Today the Windows client locks up. I reboot client and core and everything is gone and none of my backups restore. Everything was updated to latest build yesterday. Before I start troubleshooting my specific system, I would like to know if everything is Fubar right now and I need to just chill, or if I need to start troubleshooting my specific setup;.

Hey @anon7295733,

This does not sound great at all - I’m so sorry we weren’t here to reply right away.

Have the subsequent releases resolved this? Could you please share an update?

Thanks in advance :pray:

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Eventually, I gave up and went nuclear. Deleted my room core and rebuilt it. That finally worked.

when you say delete roon core and rebuilt, did you just start over building your database? or did you import a backup?

Since my database was in the original location with the original name, I assumed it just used the same database. But I don’t know. I haven’t used it for much than listen to Tidal streaming at this point.

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