Lost all/most of my playlists

@dylan: after my last post and you told me what to do to import those DEAD songs from archive.org which worked now i only have a few playlists whereas before i had hundreds almost all from TIDAL how do I get them back? Its not the end of the world they are still on both the TIDAL and Qobuz desktop apps and on A+3 but they are gone from ROON under ‘robert w’s stuff’ PLAYLISTs
what did i do when i added those 160 debut songs of the GD from archive.org and how can i retrieve them?

Hi @bobbmd,

If these playlists are from TIDAL and you up in your TIDAL playlists you should be able to see them in Roon. Can you confirm that you’re logged in to TIDAL under Settings > Services?

Since you noticed the playlists were missing have you tried rebooting your Core?

@dylan: fixed it thank you i was logged in but had unclicked something in that section where you told me to go to get the dead songs transferred they are all back thanks for quick reply bobbmd

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