Lost all playlists and favorites

I am very annoyed to have lost all playlists and favorites after my music server was repaired. It is beyond annoying that this isn’t a simple operation. I consider myself fairly technical and I am very annoyed at having to redo even the album art. I got past my being an Android and Windows person over (lots of options) a year ago when buying two lifetime Roon licences, but this blew me out of the water recently. I don’t even care “what” the reason is. All my music is there, therefore,the metadata should be as well. All my music was on an SSD. It may take months before I want to dig back into this at to undestand the problems and whether I can pass off my second music server with Roon to a family member. I personally can work around this, but nobody else in famy can. A one-touch operation is what is needed and understood for a restore function. Sorry, I just tried adding an hour’s worth of music in a queue and had to search 30 minutes for things to queue due to this, so I am very frustrated.

Hi @Zombeezy,

What kind of Music Server do you have? Was the internal database SSD replaced?

The Roon database lives on the internal OS SSD, while the music content lives on the other SSD which you installed.

Do you have any Backups from before you sent in your server for repairs? If your old database was wiped during the repair process, you should be able to restore a backup and Roon should match the contents of the library with the existing database entries.

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