Lost Artwork While Merging Albums

Just migrated my Core from my Windows 10 Desktop to a Nucleus+ with a 2TB SSD. In the migration, several albums became “unbundled”. In other words, Roon is showing two albums, each with one or more tracks from the original (no duplicates). One also has the original artwork and the second does not. Checked the knowledge base and followed instructions to select and merge the albums. However, upon merging, I’ve lost the artwork.

In most cases, these are albums where I had to use Google images to find the artwork since it was not in your metadata database.

Is there any way for me to track down the lost artwork?

On the latest Roon build.

Hi @Scott_Magill,

Besides this artwork is everything else appearing okay? Are all of your edits and playlists still in place?

No playlists and as far as I can tell, all my other edits are OK

Hi @Scott_Magill,

If you have a backup you can try restoring it once more on the Nucleus, but that would be the only way to recover this information.