Lost Audio Outputs via Roon

@Support Roon’s Audio Setting is NAD USB Audio ASIO Driver. Windows 10, Appears to be muted. However all other PC sources work. I have reinstalled Roon, NAD DAC plugin, rebooted PC and the DAC. @support what have I missed? Thanks -G

Turn off all the firewalls for server and bridges and control points

I get sound on very other audio source using NAD DAC to NAD receiver. I would appreciate @support suggestions?

Hi @George_Burrows ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the wait here. I went ahead and moved your issue out of “Roon Software” and into the “Support” section of community so we can better address this issue for you.

Moving forward, to help aide in my evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing, may I kindly as you to please expand on the information you have posted and provide me with the exact details of your setup as seen here.


I have tried or checked install and NAD DAC software all of which as they were when Roon produced audio. I removed ROON program and reinstalled with the same results. I am stumped. as Roon clearly show the content is being recognised and playing. George

Hey @George_Burrows – there are a couple of questions I think we need to answer before moving forward here.

Do these other audio sources stream over your network, like Roon does? Most apps don’t stream audio in the same way Roon does, so other sources working isn’t always a helpful data point.

To move forward, we need to know whether you’ve confirmed whether the Roon issue is affected when you disable all firewalls?

Also, as Eric mentioned above, we need to know the full details of your setup. The details we need are listed here, and once we have them we can take a deeper look at this if disabling your firewall doesn’t help.