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I moved my Roon Core from an old MacBook Pro to my iMac, where I could update to 2.0.

After successfully changing machines, I found out my info wasn’t transferred to my new Roon Core. I then transferred by backup from my old machine via Airdrop. However, when I did, the files didn’t successfully download. When I checked my MacBook, the back up files were no longer there.

Is can I recover my backup and history? I did not delete the Roon Core, I just disabled it. Is it possible to temporarily active it, make a back up and copy it to a hard drive and then to my iMac?

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Point your new core to where ever your backups are. Yes, you can deactivate your new core and activate your old core if you want to. It’s sometimes good to have two cores available, just in case or for travel purposes, etc.

Thanks for the reply, Jim! My issue is, because all the backups are lost. Is it possible to activate the old Core to create a backup of the old core? Hopefully, I can deactivate and use the old backup in the new core.

Hi @Jon_Schneider,

The short answer is yes but the long answer is in the links. It will be a matter of deactivating your current core, making the switch, updating the old core to Roon 1.8 Legacy to make it work (link to download) Roon 1.8 Legacy MacOS, creating that backup on moveable or network media, deactivating that core, re-activating the 2.0 core, and restoring the backup.

I might download this file to a thumb to bring it over to the old core and install. When done installing, you can also make your backup on the thumb and take it back to the 2.0 core to restore.

Link for 1.8 to 2.0 migration knowledge base:

Link to core migration knowledge base:

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