Lost Bluesound optical input in BluOS

Does anyone else see this. With the latest firmware the option to select optical as a pre set input is missing. This is on my Pulse Mini and Pulse 2, I have sent a report in.

Just checked. I have Pulse Mini, Node 2 and Soundbar and Pulse Flex.

Soundbar - shows both Analog and Optical inputs (as it should).
Node 2 - shows Analog input.
Pulse Mini and Pulse Flex - don’t show Analog or Optical.

So yes, looks like there is a problem - hadn’t noticed because I only use optical input on soundbar.

Glad it not just me then. Thanks.

Just for your info, Amir over in the Audio Science Review Forum, reviewed the Bluesound Node 2i in February 2019 and found some significant issues with the optical Toslink input. If your unit was working before, not sure if this could have anything to do with it – but, at the time, he sent Bluesound the results of his Precision Audio Analyzer’s findings and info regarding the instability of its Toslink input. The thread discussing this is here. I guess it could be possible that if Bluesound looked into this, they could have done some kind of firmware update to address the issue, and it could have changed or affected the input - only conjecture (I’m not an owner of any Bluesound components).

  • John

When I got my node 2 I was using its optical in for the TV to feed my actives , just having it connected caused playback issue with any content above 24/44.1. It was if it was taking resources to constantly monitor the input. When I removed it everything was ok. Tried to different cables same thing. I contacted support and they confirmed it was an issue with firmware. I never used it again and went straight in to the optical input on my speakers instead. So they have form in this area.

Just to finish this, I have sent the unit for repair as it is a failure in the unit and not software.