Lost connection after installing EE 8switch


I use ROON LABS to organize and play my music via NAIM NDX2 taking music from the NAIM server, a NAS and from TIDAL. I control ROON with my Apple MacBook laptop (also ROON core) which I use wireless.

I added an EE 8switch last night, and now I can’t the use ROON as it doesn’t anymore recognize the NAIM NDX2 streamer, NAIM Music Server and my NAS. All of these units are hardwired via the EE 8switch whereas before the were hardwired via a regular router.

Grateful for your support in how to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.


I would start by investigating the thing you’ve changed!

  • Any lights on the EE 8switch? Link, activity?
  • Does it work if you put your old router back?

Have you put the input into the right port, the one marked IN.

yes lights on the switch are on and all is working fine when I use the NAIM streamer app… I can control from my ipad and the NDX2 sees the music on the server and NAS.

Put the old switch back in and get a refund. There are lots of “audiophile” switches out there. However dubious the claims.

I never used a switch before. the equipment was wired to the router which had enough inputs so I didn’t need a switch. the switch is now directly connected to my modem and the wireless signal comes from an access point from TP Link (Deco Mesh system) which is also hardwired to the same modem.

Put it back the way it was. Get a refund and buy a £10 switch and see if it works. Then you can plan from there.

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Have you done a full reset? Switch your router and switch off. Then switch it back on, router first, then switch and then HiFi gear. Report back.

Did you try plugging the switch into the Deco? I.e. just have it Modem -> Deco -> switch rather than modem into both Deco and switch.

Out of interest, what was it that prompted you to add a switch if all was working fine?

ha… yes :slight_smile: I am back in the game. This did the trick. I connected the switch to the Deco and rebooted. Thanks so much for all your quick inputs!! Happy listening. Cheers, Pieter

No worries, enjoy the music!

Hi Red_R. Audio was working fine but internet around the house needed improving now my wife and I are both working from home all day. So got the DECO system and since the DECO has only one extra ethernet port I added the switch. Of course since it concerned my audio equipment I needed a ‘special’ switch :wink:

Ah ok fair enough - I misunderstood and thought you already had the Deco. Glad it’s all worked out ok adding the Deco and the switch then :+1:

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