Lost connection and massive time to reconnect

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I’ve had major networking issues connecting connecting Roon remotes to my Nucleus plus.

I’ve connected the Nucleus directly to my Fritzbox router via the Ethernet cable that came with the nucleus.

It was working fine for several days and then suddenly for no apparent reason roon won’t connect through my 2 macbook pros, ipad and Iphone.

Previously when I was recently setting up my nucleus I couldn’t get a connection until I left it trying to connect for a couple of days.

(Noris) #3

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

Thanks for reaching out to us here, I’d be happy to take a look. Can you please let me know the following:

  • When this issue occurs, is the WebUI still accessible? I noticed you have both open in your screenshot, but it is not clear if the WebUI was open prior to the remote connection issue occurring. If you try to refresh the WebUI page, does it work?

  • How are the Roon Remotes connected to the network, are they all using WiFi? Is there any change if you temporarily connect one of your Macbook Pros via Ethernet to the router as well?

  • Has there by any chance been a firmware update to the Fritzbox router recently? We have listed the Fritzbox router as needing special configuration changes on our Networking Best Practices Guide. Previously, an update from Fritzbox resolved some multicast issues, but I am wondering if another update from them caused issues again.

  • Can you please note the exact local time + date when you are in this state (e.g. 12:27PM on 8/2/19) send me the Logs from your Nucleus Core by using these instructions? The best way to get them over to me would be via Dropbox / Google Drive / Send.firefox.com.

(Paul Elliott) #4

Still can’t connect.

Yes the WebUI is still accessible, I refreshed the page also restated Nucleus through the WEbUI.

They are all connected through WiFi, I will connect a Macbook Pro via Ethernet when I have time.

The firmware was updated to the latest version about a week ago.
I will send the logs from the Nucleus when I have time.


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(Paul Elliott) #5

Sunday 4/8/19 11AM can’t connect

Monday 5/8/19 8AM can’t connect

Monday 5/8/19 8.50 configure device, searching for devices, eventually Nucleus seen

Still can’t connect to Nucleus. (On MacBook Pro)

On Ipad ‘Safari could not open page because the server stopped running.

Wednesday 7/8/19 11.59PM still unable to connect to Roon library on any device including MacBook Pro connected to Nucleus plus via ethernet.

Thursday 8/8/19 8AM connected to Roon library on all devices via wifi and also MacBook Pro on ethernet

Summary I was unable to play any music or view my music on my Nucleus plus on any device for at least 4 days and then I can connect. Why is this, and will this periodically continue to happen?

(Noris) #6

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

Thanks for letting me know those timestamps. I have gone ahead and activated diagnostics mode for your account and what this action does is automatically upload a set of logs to our servers for analysis. I can confirm that we have received them and I am taking a look through them now.

I notice that this issue appears to be networking related, and the Nucleus is losing connection to your Roon Remotes at the timestamps and we should try to eliminate a few variables from the issue here:

  1. Do you have another Ethernet cable that you can use in place of the current one? I have seen reports in the past that Ethernet cables sometimes get damaged and stop working, so verifying this aspect would be a good simple first test.

  2. Can you please try a different port on your Fritzbox router? Like Ethernet cables, sometimes certain pieces of equipment can fail, and trying this will give us another good data point.

  3. If you have another router, we can try to temporarily replace this piece of the gear. I can’t say for sure, but it is possible that the recent firmware update changed something that causes device discovery to not function as expected.

  4. Can you try performing a full reboot of your Network and Nucleus? By this I mean, unplug the router, wait 30 seconds and then power back on. Then power off the Nucleus via the WebUI, unplug, wait 30 seconds and power back on.

Can you give the above suggestions a try and let me know if any help?

(Paul Elliott) #7

Hi Norris,

Thanks for your reply.

At 8.45AM this morning I.

A: Swopped out 2 Ethernet cables, 1 to the Nucleus and one to the Macbook pro.

B: changed ports for the Nucleus and macbook to 3 & 4.

C: I’l see if I can find another router tonight, if not I’l see if I can borror one soon.

D: I rebooted the Fritzbox and Nucleus via WebUi at 8.48.

Tonight 9/th Aug at 9.20pm i replaced the fritzbox router wth a Dlink AC1730

(Paul Elliott) #8

I can’t connect with the new router at this time

(Paul Elliott) #9

Sun. morning 11th Aug. Roon connected to Nucleus on all devices.

When I got home late on Sun. night connection’s been lost

(Paul Elliott) #10

Monday 12/8/19 9AM, Roon is connected to Nuc on all devices!!

For some reason Nucleus is unable to connect to Roon for aprox 3 days, on average.
Then without me doing anything it connects for a day or so.
Is the Nucleus Faulty?

(Noris) #11

Hello @Paul_Elliott,

Thank you for letting me know those timestamps, and I appreciate your patience while I have been discussing your case with the technical team. I have a few follow-up suggestions as to narrow down this behavior even further:

  1. Can you temporarily host the Roon Core on another machine and see if the same behavior occurs? This test would help us further rule out the network and I would use this other Core machine for at least one day to confirm if similar symptoms occur.

  2. After verifying a different machine to host the Core, please perform a backup using the Roon app and then via the WebUI try to reinstall the Operating System. The OS reinstall should not affect the database, but do perform a backup just in case.

Can you let me know if either of the above suggestions help?

(Paul Elliott) #12

Thanks, i’ll try this when I get home in 7 or 8 hours time.

(Paul Elliott) #13

Just to clarify, my music is on an ssd on the nucleus, do I try and access it via the core on a laptop or use a backup on a different external hard disk?

(Paul Elliott) #14

Mon 12/8 10.50 still connected to nucleus through Roon on all devices

(Noris) #15

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

Ideally, we would eliminate the Nucleus from the equation completely. If you have TIDAL/Qobuz please try using this for now and let me know if you notice any disconnects when the Roon Core is on another machine.

Please be sure to not use the other machine as a Roon Remote, but rather as a Core. By this I mean at the “Select your Core” screen, do not choose the Nucleus option but rather “Use this PC”.

After running this test to see if the other Core is stable, I would suggest reinstalling the OS from the Nucleus Web UI. Please perform a backup just in case beforehand.

(Paul Elliott) #16

Hi Norris,

I’m having a problem backing up the database from from the Nucleus+.

The only backup location listed is via my Dropbox account and i’m unable to add a new local backup location.

Should I remove the Dropbox backup location to force a new backup?

(Noris) #17

Hi @Paul_Elliott,

How did the test using the other Core go? The backup should be made before reinstalling the Nucleus OS, but I was hoping to narrow down if this issue is Nucleus-specific or Network-specific prior to reinstalling the Nucleus OS.

My follow up question here would be: have you ever performed a backup of your Nucleus to somewhere safe? If you have previous scheduled backups and can confirm that a backup was successful in the recent days or week, you can go ahead with the OS reinstall.

The only reason I am asking for the backup is to make sure that your database edits and metadata are being preserved. If you don’t make any metadata edits, haven’t created any playlists in Roon and your media files are using Roon metadata then the backup is less important and we can start with a fresh database if anything.

(Paul Elliott) #18

Hi Norris,

Thanks for your message, i’ve been too busy to set up the core on my Mac and back up the database.
Next week i’ll have more time.

I do notice that connecting to my Nuc has been fine for the last couple of days. Also previously before I bought the Nucleus, my core was on my MacBook Pro that I didn’t have any trouble with.

All the best

(Paul Elliott) #19

Weds 11.59 pm Just came home and noticed that Roon had lost connection to my Nucleus+ on all devices.

Also I’m unable to backup my Nucleus+ while I’m unable to connect.


Just my two cents, you can back up to a thumb drive or external USB.

It doesn’t have to be networked, if that makes a difference.

(Paul Elliott) #21

Thanks for the idea