"Lost Connection!" messages with Sonictransporter + microRendu

I am getting recurring “Lost Connection!” messages with my two remotes. One is a Nexus 10 tablet and the other is an iPhone 7Plus. This happens both at the beginning of a listening session, and randomly during a listening session. Both devices sometimes overcome the problem and re-connect allowing me to resume listening. But not always. Sometimes both devices are unable to re-connect and I have to give up and listen to CDs or Spotify Connect.

One thing I have observed is the iPhone 7Plus is faster at clearing the fault and re-connecting than the Nexus 10. Also, when this problem occurs, the Nexus 10 is more likely to never re-connect than the iPhone 7Plus.

Here is my setup:

All of this is in the basement:
Coax cable from internet service provider -> CISCO DPC3206 modem -> Linksys WRT1900 AC wireless router -> TRENDnet TEG-S60g unmanaged eight port Gigabit switch -> (devices)

Connection from CISCO modem to Linksys router is by coax cable; connection from Linksys router to TRENDnet gigabit switch is by Cat 6a Ethernet cable (Blue Jeans Cable); connections to devices below are also by Cat 6a Ethernet cable from BJC


  1. Small Green Computer Sonictransporter AP (i5, 2 TB internal SSD memory) – in basement listening room
  2. Sonore microRendu with iFi iPower power supply – in first floor kitchen, one story above Sonictransporter; connects via USB-B to Peachtree Nova 150 integrated amp with internal DAC
  3. Linksys EA6350 dual band wireless router (2.4/5.0 GHz) – upstairs in office


  1. Nexus 10 tablet with Android 5.1.1 and Roon app installed
  2. iPhone 7Plus with iOS 10.2

Please help! Thank you


Did you ever find a solution to this? I have similar “Lost Connection” issues using a NUC server and microRendu. Just posted about it here “Lost Connection” Once or Twice per Day[Solved. Bad ethernet cable]