Lost Connection problem

Roon should fix the problem of audio analyze function. After Roon upgraded, I have been struggling about lost connection in every 3~5 min. Just found that It was all cause by audio analyze function. CPU of core was running crazy which makes system stop and after turn off the analyze functions, everything become normal.

It took me 1 week and I spend money for memory upgrade. Roon gotta fix it.

It was not present experience!

What is the specifications of the hardware running Roon?

I am using Wcore from Waversa.

I run Roon Core on Ubuntu Server Linux, i5 (4 cores) or i7 (8 cores) Intel, 8GB or 16GB main memory, various SSD sizes. 25k FLAC tracks on SATA SSD. I’ve restricted audio analysis load in Settings>Library>Background Audio Analysis Speed to 2 cores only, to make sure the core is still responsive to normal music play. Zero problems with audio analysis, both before 1.8 and after.

How did you deactivate the audio analyse function, I think I have the same issue?

Settings>Library>Background audio analysis speed>off

Turn off both analysis functions.

Yes. I have same experience.

Did turning off both analysis functions correct the issue?

I just do not need these 2 function. Just turned off both. Both takes lot of CPU running.