Lost connection to NAS when re-staring Roon

I’ve communicated this issue earlier and I have had no real response. I have a QNAP NAS into an iMac(late 2013) running Yosemite with 3.1 GHz intel core i7 and 16GB memory. When originally loading file to Roon it did not see my
NAS. After getting the correct path, other than some small import issues all was fine. My real question is, why does Roon lose may NAS path when shut down or if it crashes? When I restart the iMac with Roon still loaded all is found and good with the system. Any way to research why this so?

How did you add your NAS in Roon? Also, which QNAP are you using?

The NAS is a watched folder with the path:SMB://MAS(SMB)._smb_tcp.local/music.

The unit is a QNAP HS-210 Fanless Quiet NAS with 2 bays.

Hmm, ok. So the hostname for your NAS is:


Is that right?

When you’re in this state, are you still able to browse the NAS via Finder?

Yes I can. I experimented with finder with Roon in all 3 states, found on Roon, not found and when Roon is not operating. For example, my Keb Mo only shows up from Tidal when the path is not found and when it is, my CD quality and Hi-Res files all show up.

Hope this is what you need.

Hey @BagelJoe – thanks for the details here.

So, we looked into this further, and it looks like you may not be using the right hostname to talk to your NAS. The name that you’re typing in looks like it came from an mDNS/Bonjour query, which is not typically how SMB NAS’s are discovered. This may be contributing to the reliability issues.

Does any of this ring a bell? Where did the hostname you’re entering come from?

Our best guess is that you might have better results connecting to the NAS drive’s SMB hostname. This would likely be something like MAS(SMB) or maybe just MAS. It would match the name of the NAS that you see when you browse to it on a Windows PC.

Can you let me know if you’re able to determine the SMB hostname, and we’ll go from there?


OK here goes. First, don’t know what mDNS/Bonjour query is. I found this path in Finder by clicking on the NAS(SMB) get info and it showed : SMB://NAS(SMB).smb._tcp.local/Music.
I just noticed under Shared in Finder there are 3 listings:

NAS(AFP)server=afp://—when mounted on the desktop the path is listed
as server=afp://NAS(AFP)._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Music


Should I try just the path NAS in a new folder under watched folders and disable the SMB path to its folder?

Just discovered that AFP is not supported, so that is moot.

@BagelJoe When you connect to your QNAP Admin Console what name is next to the Home Icon (upper left of your screen - next to Main Menu button).

I connect to my QNAP with Roon via SMB. For an example if the NAS name next to the HOME symbol was “DanNAS” then I used:

smb://DanNAS/ShareName/Folder etc.

If problems, try credentials in the fields below where you input SMB

I have a TS-451 (4.1.4 5/22 rev firmware) and no issues connecting to my music shares using SMB.

Dan, thanks for the input. The QNAP NAS is called NAS. I’m unfamiliar with the nomenclature of the NAS set up so I don’t know what ShareName is in the path you reference. I thought it would simply be NAS/Music but that is not it.
Mine is an HS-210 running 4.1.4 as well.

As referenced earlier, on reboot it finds the NAS, but when re-opening Ronn after shutdown or crash it does not show up.


[quote=“BagelJoe, post:7, topic:2527”]

From what I am seeing, If all your music folders (artist, album, genre, etc.) are in the share (top level folder in the NAS) MUSIC, Did you try the above? And then with credentials if first couple tries do not work.

Can’t get Roon to see the NAS in any path other than-SMB://NAS(SMB).smb._tcp.local/Music and that is the one that is lost when Roon is shut down or crashes. I assume if it were set up as local it would not be available to remote hook up. At a loss. Will pick up again tomorrow.

Hey @BagelJoe – It certainly seems like @dshore is on the right track here. Can you give us a little more information about what’s failing when you try adding?

Are you including your user name and password when trying to log in to the NAS in Roon?