Lost connection!

Core : Windows 10 PC
Network: Nokia wifi router
End point : Chromecast audio, Allo USBridge

I am using android Roon app as remote.
Every time I switch to another app and come back to Roon, it says Lost connection, trying to reconnect. It is very annoying. I see this issue have been reported several years back so I am shocked and surprised it is not fixed yet. It takes anywhere between 5 to 30 seconds to reconnect. Once connected why it cannot stay?! When are we going to get a solution for this seemingly simple problem. I have a lifetime subscription.

This isn’t an issue with Roon - it’s an Android issue. Android is putting the App to sleep or clearing it from memory. You need to exempt Roon from battery/memory optimisation in your device’s settings.

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Santosh have a look at these threads, they might help.

Graham is correct in that most Android devices try to save battery by closing any apps that are not running in the foreground (and Roon seems to be a large memory app on Android and iOS) and it has a big impact to Roon.

Look at both the connectivity issues and the memory optimisation settings
What phone do you have?



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Thanks Michael and Graeme
I have disabled the battery optimisation for this app and it looks like the issue has been resolved!


Great news and happy to get another user working well again


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Hey @Santhosh_M, glad to hear things are working again! Please let us know if anything else comes up.

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Great to hear you got it resolved. This issue annoyed me for ages until I found a fix.

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