Lost connections when Client and Core are running on same localhost machine


Been searching through this community around lost connections between core and remote when both are running on same machine.

When this symptom occurs during music playback, the Roon Remote screen would blink, flick, lasting for ~1 to 3 seconds, showing the message of Lost Connection, Trying to Reconnect…, and gets back to showing what it had prior.

Thus far, across these symptom occurrences, no harm to the music playback, i.e. no dropouts in the music, all seems well.

Asking about this symptom, if this observation can be useful for diagnosing some other issues i’m currently troubleshooting.

Or, whether this “glitch”, is usual, normal (???), even when both the Core and Remote are running in same machine?

My environment, topology, configuration is described in following thread,

And running on the latest Roon software parts.

Thanks much,

I’ve been looking through Roon and RoonServer logs from this PC/Windows machine, looking for any network, socket related errors that can help shed some light on this symptom explanation.

Quick browse through the wireshark data shows no obvious pauses or such that can explain any connection related issues between the client and server at port(s).

Looking some more.

But perhaps all this has much to do with nothing, but is an odd symptom.