Lost control of audio device sonos

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin super hub 3 (modem mode) and eero mesh system

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos SL x 2, arcam st60, sonos 3, sonos port

Number of Tracks in Library

1012 Albums

Description of Issue

Previously had system working fine but recently been unable to stream to Sonos elements through Sonos streaming - get “Roon Lost Control of Audio Device” message. However, I can stream to sonos devices using Airplay through Roon. Other devices (Arcam ST60 & local) work fine.

Make sure your Sonos device firmware is up to date; reboot, and reboot Sonos Core.

May or may not be the issue, but is one possibility. I updated my Sonos Connect and re-established connection last week using this process. Roon had lost control of the device several times (never playing music) until I did this.

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Rrwwss52 Robert - Cheers - didn’t realise there was an outstanding Sonos update. Ran the update, reset Sonos, reset Roon - now working again. Thanks.

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Glad it worked. Enjoy! :grinning:

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