Lost Edit Version & Preferred Album Art with build 29

Not happy, have lost since the latest build all my meticulously added to Edit Version from Edit Album Information eg CD rip album version donwload from what source and my preferred album art has reverted to Roon’s. If you are going to change settings for a “young” version software perhaps more care that new versions don’t break customers use of your software.

Edit. A thought perhaps backup to the cloud as promised should bump up in priority.

Hi @Egres – sorry to hear some edits have gone missing, but we take care to ensure user edits aren’t overwritten. Generally, this shouldn’t be possible, so hopefully we can figure out what happened here.

Have the files changed at all? Were the tags edited? Were the files moved to a new location, or the directory structure changed?

If you’re sure nothing changed on disk, let me know and we’ll look into it. And yes, we’re actively working on making sure cloud backup is implemented as soon as possible.

Not sure when it happenned, so build 29 may not be the blame as didn’t notice straight after updating. First noticed problem when 2 days after when a CD had lost it’s Edit album information from the pencil window. Then when I added 3 new albums and clicked on overview found a whole lot of old albums now tagged as new. Clicking on them the sane Edit album info gone. Looking at my album view just about every album was duplicated. Toggling yes/no to duplicates on the remote I was using removed duplicates but all edit info gone. Looking at core this am I find edit info gone, artwork reverted to Roon’s choice on albums I changed via pencil window to my metadata. found an album split, album duplicated and obscure sampler albums that Roon on first install had attributed to wrong artist missing so presume re attributed to wrong artist again. The only thing that has changed is build 29 and adding 3 albums.

Have saved library form 1-2 weeks ago.

Hi @Egres – I’m going to get in touch via PM, we’ll get some more info from you, and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

Sorry for the trouble here @Egres!