Lost elements on play lists

NUC I3 with ROCK and ROON server on it

Library on NAS Synology - 7 000 pieces of music.

SONOS end points - One on Ethernet, others on WiFi


My NAS (Synology) on which my music is stored has broken, fortunately I had a (daily) backup of it on another NAS (Synology) at my parents. So, I download my library from my parents to a new NAS I have bought, this has lasted some days.

Once all my library was downloaded, all seems ok. But some days after, I noticed that in my play lists, a lot of pieces of music was missed. It cannot be an error from me because, for example, I have a ‘Vocal jazz’ playlist, then I have ‘Vocal – Piano- Saxo - Trumpet jazz’ playlist. On both playlists, before the crash of my NAS, I had 152 pieces of music for Stacey Kent (it is an example), then 80 of these pieces of music has dissapeared on both playlists !!! Once again, fortunately, I had an enough old backup of ROON database in which my playlists was intact.

It is like ROON has re-computed play lists at a moment my library was not completly downloaded, then deleted piece of music not yet in the library, is it possible ?

Before this problem, I asked to ROON to keep 10 days of ROON database, now I have asked 99 days ….

Thanks for your reply.

Hi @Stephane_Cherie,

When you change storage locations, you’ll want to make sure that you follow the steps outlined here. The key here is to make sure that you are not adding the new watched folder in addition to the old one — You want to completely remove the old one first.

Do you have a backup from before you moved storage locations? If so, I’d recommend recovering the backup and following the steps in the article I linked above.

Yes, I have a backup from before I moved storage locations.

I have recovered the backup and now all is ok.

I thought what I did was not a move storage because my new NAS has the same name as the old one, then the directory on which is stored my library has also the same name as before the crash.

However, I am surprised playlists has been impacted ?

Hello @Stephane_Cherie,

Glad to hear that the recovered backup sorted this issue out!

When Roon sees two copies of the same file, it essentially re-imports the duplicate as a “new” file, not associated with your previous playlists. When moving media between two storage locations, it is best practices to follow the guide that @dylan linked!

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