Lost extension in XL update, can't see web page

Update today, 1/12.
On reboot, I get the welcome screen, and then no connection.
In Roon, no extension is seen.
When I go to the web page for Ropieee, I get “web page can’t be reached”, so I can’t check the extension setting in Ropieee.

What to do? Do I need to reflash?

Are you using an ethernet connection to your RPi? If not, you might need to to reconnect. If all else fails, you can reflash your micro SD card.

I tried my device over ethernet, and it works.
Over wifi it doesn’t.
Guess I will have to reflash.

You might check your RoPieee WIFI settings, etc. to make sure nothing changed. It’s also possible your RPi WIFI has failed. Hope not.

I could see wifi in the web interface when connected by ethernet and set it up, but it wouldn’t connect on bootup.

After multiple attempts - more than 5 - it finally connected to wifi on reboot.