Lost Meridian Endpoints?

I see a couple of posts on this, but none are helping me solve my problem. Last night I noticed a few Meridian endpoints (in a group) were not showing in the Roon app, this morning I could not remote in to the server (a Hackintosh), and had force a restart, during which I got some sort of a message about extensions being disabled due to a kernel panic, see System Preferences to restore extensions that are needed or something like that.

Server is just running the core server, or whatever that is called now.

Unifi networking gear, Dream Machine Pro and switches, everything wired, 5xMS200, 1x218, 1x251. Meridian devices were a little weird, a few of them were in the Unify portal list of clients without IP addresses, changed to DHCP, back to fixed, I can browse to all Meridian devices now and they show up on a network scan. Running Catalina on the Hackintosh, went to Security & Privacy in system settings, in Privacy Roon and AEServer were both disabled, enabled them and restarted (before this non-Meridian endpoints were showing up just fine).

So this is some sort of a strange thing with Meridian endpoints. ATVs are showing up, computers, KEF speakers, all OK. Any idea?

I am actually going to port Roon and Plex servers over from Hacks to a Mac Studio (I know, overkill, I had a M2 Mac Mini die and the gave me a Mac Studio to replace it …), but I’d like to get the current setup running before I start moving things …

Hi @femanburch,

I’ve moved your post from Uncategorized to Support to bring it to the attention of Roon’s support team.

I hope they can help you.

I have a Meridian 861 that’s drops off the network from time to time (the Sooloos protocol and network stack is not as robust as RAAT) … I find power-cycling it brings it back.

It’s worth giving that a shot, and if still not good try rebooting your network iPhone including the router and Roon Server.

Thanks @Carl, my bad on not posting that in Support.

I went ahead and moved server to new Mac Studio, restoring a (new) backup from the old server, all seems to be OK now, can see all the Meridian and other endpoints and settings appear to have come over smoothly.

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