Lost Metadata Edits

I have half a dozen “double” albums that were not released as double albums in the US. The first disc is recognized by Roon as the standard US release (which is correct). However the second disc (primarily remixes) is not recognized correctly. It shows up simply as “Disc 2” with only the basic song title, missing for example “(Extended Mix)” or “(Demo Version)” detail after the song’s name.

Earlier this week I corrected the album title and track title metadata in the Edit menu for each track by either selecting the “Track” metadata (if it showed up there) or by entering it manually in the Edit field.

Today I checked these albums and it appears that I’ve lost all of the song title manual edits, but only one of the manual album title edits.

There were some instances where the track title from the File was correct and I selected that check mark box instead of entering the correct value manually in the edit field, where I made that selection appears to have remained intact.

Granted it was a pretty minor loss, but I’ll definitely be backing up my Roon database now after I make edits going forward.

Hey @mrvco – did you make any changes to the files themselves? Roon tracks each file in your library (and its associated edits) but if a file changes enough, Roon may think it’s new. This would be something like changing tags and renaming or moving the files. Anything like that?

If not, let me know – I’d like to get some logs from you so we can take a deeper look into this.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble @mrvco!

No changes that I know of up until my post above (just the Build 55 update). The only thing I typically do is copy-n-paste the new FLAC files into the top level of the un-managed directory and then move them into the appropriate alphabetized sub-directory.

The root of the identification issue was the metadata pulled by DBPoweramp during the rip. Last night I re-ripped one of these CD’s and manually selected a more accurate version of the metadata. I then deleted the current version from Roon and imported the new rip into Roon with the more accurate metadata. The album title and song titles are more or less what they should be now (only some minor differences, e.g. “seven-inch mix” instead of 7" mix". Roon is still displaying “unrecognized” where Released and Added would be displayed and no rating.

Hopefully I didn’t lose anything helpful in the log files switching to the re-rips of these CD’s last night.