Lost MQA signal

Playing about with the settings and I’ve lost the blue light, and also getting a message that Tidal is loading slowly.

Clearly done something stupid - but what?

I don’t think the Explorer 2 can deal with a first stage decode from Roon and just act as a renderer. You have to set the Explorer as decoder and renderer, so Roon just passes it an unmolested signal. This should also reduce Roons overheads so may cure the loading slowly message.

Thanks for reply Henry: I think I’ve got that bit right, maybe!!

Here’s a couple of other screenshots that might give a clue!

If it helps the DAC is showing two bright white lights suggesting it could be something simple!

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I am seeing two different zones in those screen shots, Explorer and System Output. Is there any reason for that? If for any reason you are using System Output it would still work into a USB DAC but wouldn’t be bit perfect and so would impair MQA working.

Thanks Henry, that’s ok now! Must resist temptation to interfere too much!


On the contrary Stuart, sometimes breaking something is the best way to get to know it!

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