Lost my DAC as an audio output after installing Qobus

Roon Core Machine

I have an iMac (2020 3.3 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5 - Monterey OS)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Internet speeds are over 100-200 mbps and I have Google nest wifi mesh WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

iMac → USB → Gustard X16 DAC → AVR

Number of Tracks in Library

I have 1400 albums

Description of Issue

I have had no issues and today, I joined Qobus with a 30 day trial and added it to Roon (I also have a paid subscription to Tidal).

I installed the Qobus app for Mac as well.

Everything was working OK and then I tried to play an album in Qobus on Roon and it froze. Not a sound. I thought it was Qobus, but when I tried to play the same album in Tidal or my library - it did the same thing.

Finally, I realized my DAC was no longer an option to output. It was gone. I went to Settings/Audio and it was gone there, also. I exited and restarted Roon and closed the Qobus App and same thing.

Then I rebooted the computer and restarted Roon and all was well again. My DAC was showing and when I played something it was fine.

I returned to the original Qobus album that froze and it played fine as well.

I might add that this has never happened before and I assume is related to Qobus. Note that I had everything working OK after I installed Qobus (I also had the Qobus open on the Mac) for maybe 30 minutes before Roon froze and I lost the DAC. And when I say “froze” it was only the playback. The rest of Roon was working.

If you have a single individual subscription, you can only stream from one instance at a time - may it be web-player, PC/MAC App or any player that integrates Qobuz streaming - and this circumstance may have caused a hiccup with Roon.

Well, I just tested it. I ran Qobus (the app) and played the same Qobus album in Roon.

No problem

Before I was only playing in Roon. The App sat open on my desktop but I wasn’t doing anything. Later I closed the App and I still had problems in Roon.

Seems the hiccup is not repeatable.

Interesting, cause that’s what happens here when playing through Roon and starting playback in Smartphone App, saying that playback has been interrupted due to using Qobuz on another device…

Maybe because I was on the same device with Roon and Qobuz?

That’s probably it…

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