Lost my KEF LS 50 wireless connection [Solved - Synology had "Enable Open Vswitch" turned on]

For several months I’m using Roon with KEF LS50 without any problem (except the Android app which never worked on different Android devices) but today when I tried to listen to music, my Kef disappeared.
This is my setup:

  • Roon Core running on a Synology DS-918+
  • Synology + Kef LS50 connected to my router on the same network through an ethernet cable

I didn’t change my network configuration when the problems appeared today and:

  • My router see my KEF LS 50
  • My router see my Synology
  • I can stream music to the KEF with Spotify connect in Wifi
  • No Firewall on my Synology
  • No antivirus on my Synology
  • No update since the last time it worked on both Synology, Router & Roon server
  • Kef LS50 are running the latest firmware

What I’ve done:

  • Restart the KEF -> not working
  • Restart the Roon server -> not working
  • Restart the Synology -> not working
  • Restart the router -> not working

So, now I’m stuck with Roon+Tidal but unable to play any music on my KEF…Any idea what can I do now? I have no more idea how to make Roon + Kef working together and 2 days ago everything was working nicely…

[Update]: I also have an Android Shield TV box which is connected to the KEF through USB audio out. Also, this was working previously and now I can see it in Roon but when I try to play a song, Roon told me this error message: Transport: Failed to select Roon as the current source.

So for now, Roon act like a brick for me…could not use it anymore :frowning:

Thanks for any help!

OK, I’ve found the problem. For some reason, I had activated the option “Enable Open Vswitch” to support running DDSM and vDDSM on the Synology. When unchecked this option, everything worked again (KEF LS50 & Android Shield).
Could be useful to know if someone encounter the same problem.
Thanks to me :smile:

Hello @T-One,

Apologies about the slight delay before replying here, your post only recently reached the support queue.

I’m glad to hear that disabling “Open Vswitch” has resolved the issue and has allowed you to see the endpoints again! If you have any other questions or difficulties please do let us know.

– Noris

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