Lost one half of my SE535's today

Need to vent, due to a bad MMXC connection on my balanced cable I lost the left earpiece from from my SE535’s today. It must have fallen off when I either took them off at coffee shop this morning or when I pulled them out tonight for my journey home. Retraces my steps for this evening but no joy. Not had them that long. So time for a new cable and I need to replace these. Thankfully they are even cheaper on Shures site than when I bought them a few months ago. But still not happy to loose one and spend more money even though they are £70 cheaper again.

Oh well!!!

May I offer my condolences. Most gutting! It would never have happened in full lockdown.

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Most unfortunate, accept my deep sympathy!

The connections of the original cable on my 425SE are so tight, that I finally didn’t undo them due to the risk of breaking something.

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They where on me Shure cable, but the balanced cable I was using was not an expensive nor a Shure cable and had started to become loose. I should have swapped it sooner. Live and learn I guess.

Some IEM shops will do repairs…just have to find one nearby.

Can’t repair what is lost I am afraid. The cables intact the earpiece came out of the mmxc socket as it wasnt fixing in properly. But its not worth repairing at all it wasn’t expensive to begin with it was my first entry into balanced so didn’t spend much on it.