Lost playlist links to local Flac files (unavailable)

I moved my personal music files to a new hard drive, deleted the old watched folder and added in the new folder expecting the files and playlists re-link appropriately. The Tidal files were retained, but my local files show up as “unavailable”. What do I do? I have already tried:

  • Closing Roon
  • Reopening Roon
  • Deleting the new folder
  • Closing Roon
  • Reopening Roon
  • Re-adding the new folder as a watched file

This did no good. I’m not sure, but it may even have deleted the song titles from some of my playlists, if they were unavailable.

Have you tried, recreating the original watched folder and putting things back and see if things return.

If the problem is continuing, could you describe your hardware and software and upload a pic of your storage tab ? That will help @mike to sort out what is happening.

Hi @felmore99

Mike posted about edits and moving files in this thread:

Playlists are stored in the database along with edits, so file moving could be expected to disrupt them also.

I was able to replicate the behaviour you’ve described and have provided the devs with screenshots. It is being worked on, but it is not possible to say when a fix might become available.

If you are able to still use the old hard disk then reverting the albums affected, as suggested by @rugby above, might get your old playlists working again.

The other idea I had was if you were able to give your new hard drive exactly the same name and file path to the songs that the old hard drive had, then that might fool the database into thinking nothing had changed. Something of a longshot I’m afraid.

The last resort would be to remake the playlists. I hope that is not too extensive a task.

Let’s ask @brian if he can think of any other workaround. Is it possible to edit paths in the Roon database at all ?

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