Lost playlists and some music

I switched my core to a mac and my music is stored on a synolgoy NAS device
My MAC sees the NAS device and all of my files are there. However roon only sees some of it and no playlists
It is clearly a mapping problem - On a mac it is not clear how to set the path…because the folders I can choose from do not list the NAS device…
Am i supposed to add a network share?
all my attempts to that also fail!
my path is thirdwind/music/meridian/artists
however when i type this in I get an error message
thirdwind is the name of my NAS device


Yes, you need to add a network share.

Settings > Storage > Add Folder > Add Network Share. Add the network address, e.g. smb://nas_name_or_ip/file_share_name, and login credentials if needed. If successful, you will be able to browse the share in Roon and select your music folder.

thanks for your quick response

so based on the info in my previous posts it should be

is this correct?

If the NAS is thirdwind and the share music then yes. You don’t need to add the folder path when adding the share; you can do that afterwards.

Hello @David_Lemont,

Have you made sure to also transfer your Roon database over when you made the switch? Roon playlists are stored on the database, so I would make sure to follow our Migration Docs to transfer everything over.

For adding the NAS share we have instructions here: Add Folders By Path, and yes you should be able to use smb://thirdwind/music/ for the path or //thirdwind/music may also work.

Please let me know if that helps!

I am so frustrated that I switched the core to my mac…finally figured out how to add a network share so that it is scanning my nas device now - .however all the music is coming over except the playlists

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Hi @David_Lemont,

I’ve moved your post into this existing topic so all the history is together.

Could you confirm that you restored the Roon database from a current backup?

Since I moved the core to my mac I am only missing my playlists
I am build 1.6 for roon…
How do I reciover them
i am assuming they are installed on the NAS

The play lists are stored in the Roon database…

Hi @David_Lemont,

As @Carl mentioned, playlists are stored in the Roon database, so you will need to follow the proper Migration procedure to transfer the playlists over. Once you have created a Roon backup on the old Core, you can connect to the new Core and restore the backup that you created.

– Noris

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