Lost playlists on QNAP

Our customer is running Roon server on their QNAP and accidently moved/renamed their multimedia folder which contains all their music. After a quick email explanation, they managed to reinstate the folder and can now access their music again, however the playlists they had made are now not there. These playlists were made using the Roon app and they didn’t carry out a backup so can’t reinstate them.

Would the playlists get deleted if the music folder was moved/renamed?



Hi @William_Hammond-CLay,

When they fixed the Watched Folder in Roon did they do so by adding a new folder or editing their existing one?

Can they share a screenshot of Settings > Library > Clean Up Library (Note that they shouldn’t run this process, we just want to see the numbers showing in the window that appears).

Hi Dylan
Thanks for your prompt reply, unfortunately, our customer has not been home since my initial post. I will update you once he returns.
Thanks once again

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