Lost records in Roon

Roon user since 2 weeks, Roon makes me think of a black box whose content is impossible to know.
I am trying to check what has really been integrated by Roon and I am very confused.
For example, I have 8 recordings of Bellini,

bellini 1
plus a few excerpts here and there. When I do a search on Bellini, I have NONE of the recordings, only excerpts.

if I search by title, nothing either.

I checked the rejected recordings, as well as the credits, they are good.
Since Roon doesn’t want us to be able to search by folder, I don’t see how to find out where these recordings are or how to retrieve them.

Assuming the composer tag is populated and recognised by roon go to Compositions and then composer and you’ll find them there. Roon and classical music have an uncomfortable relationship and I’ve kinda given up trying to understand why roon struggles so much, however it has improved a lot since I first used it.

Thank you for your help, indeed I find the recordings. As I listen to 90% classical music, I wonder if it is worth spending $700, even if Roon is better for this now than 2 years ago

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