Lost Roon connection - after switch from WiFi to Wired

I switched my internet connection to my iMac core from Wi-Fi to ethernet to improve the download speed. However I lost my Roon connection and can’t seem to get it back. Any help would be appreciated.

I should add that the previous post applies only to playing Roon through of a remote location through Airplay. It still works when I use my laptop as a remote in my main listing room listening through the PS audio Internet bridge.

This is a typical issue with how airplay (should be air_sometimes_plays) identifies on the network. If you haven’t done so already reboot the mac and the airplay device.

Also check to make sure that another airplay-enabled device (like an iPhone) can still see the remote playback device.

Thanks Andrew, you confirmed what I suspected – airplay is totally unreliable. I therefore ordered a sonic orbiter which hopefully should work and which should relieve my stress