Lost Roon on Sony Android TV

I recently lost Roon from seeing seeing my Sony Android TV. Sony Google TV in house is still recognized, all other android and Apple devices work.

Sony Android is ethernet connected as is core, worked fine up to three weeks ago. I’ve reset TV and core, no luck, remotes, nor core, recognize this one Android as it used to.

No changes but I ran a Roon upgrade around similar time. Can’t confirm dates If that’s exact timing.

Any thoughts?

I have had issues with Chomecasts disappearing after updates in the past. Usually a reboot of network and core resume it.

Can you cast other content to your TV?

I have a A90J and it’s displaying album info correctly.

Have you tried disable/enable the display in Settings? Perhaps with a Roon reboot between toggling.

Can’t cast. Full reboot will happen. Again! At least the rest of the house still works. Thanks. Will update once I solve everything.

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