Lost Roon Ready option in Audio Settings with Devialet 140 Pro

I’m running a Devialet 140 Pro with Roon on a Nucleus+. I have been using the 140 Pro as a Roon Ready endpoint pretty much without problems since the Devialets got the Roon Ready software update in February last year. This morning I started having problems. First playback stopped with the audio file loading slowly message, something I’ve never had before with a 44.1/16 stream, then started again a track later, a bit of intermittent issues over a couple of minutes, and then the Nucleus lost the RAAT connection. Roon was still seeing the 140 Pro because I could swap to the Devialet AIR connection in the Roon Tested devices.

I’ve rebooted the Nucleus+, I’ve rebooted the 140 Pro, all to no avail. I can connect to the 140 Pro via AIR but the Roon Ready connection has totally disappeared from the settings.

Does anyone have any idea what gives?

@David_Aiken, just to rule out the obvious…have you added any other devices (or made any other changes) to your network recently? Have you tried re-booting your router in case there’s a problem there – duplicate IP addresses or the like?

What kind of network connection do you use between Roon and Devialet: Wi-Fi or cable?

I think I may have found where the problem is, but not what the problem is, and your question was pertinent though it came a little too late, very quick though your response was,

I had just finished posting the query when Roon lost connection to all audio devices. The change to the network recently, 3 weeks ago, was swapping to an Uptone Audio EEtherREGEN from a Cisco switch. The EtherREGEN had worked flawlessly since installation.

I swapped back to the Cisco and everything is back to normal including RAAT.

The question is what is the issue with the EtherREGEN? I have an idea but it will be tricky to confirm. The EtherREGEN runs hot but apparently within the operating limits of the components. I’m in Australia and we’re in heatwave season. Even though it’s only 7.00 am, the internal temperature in my house is already 28 degrees Celsius. I’m wondering if the problem could be overheating.

I’ve disconnected the EtherREGEN from power and I’ll let it cool down, then try it again. Pretty rough test, I know, but the best I can do. If it starts working normally again then I’ll have to look at finding some way to increase cooling for it.

Sounds like a good possibility…but (perhaps less likely) swapping the switch might have masked a software glitch in the EtherREGEN. Time will tell.

Hi @David_Aiken,

It sounds like the switch might be problematic in this case. If this behavior occurs again I would also check your router’s DHCP listing or use an app like FING to check to see if the devices still show up on the local network.

OK, last night I reconnected the EtherREGEN around 11 hours after disconnecting it. Everything worked flawlessly. During that 11 hour period we had a fair bit of rain which lowered the temperatures here to much more comfortable levels and, of course, the EtherREGEN itself cooled down. I think overheating is a possibility or perhaps it was just a problem that required rebooting the EtherREGEN which, of course, disconnecting and reconnecting did anyway.

I think it’s down to watch and see at this stage now that things are working with the EtherREGEN again. I sent an email to Uptone Audio last night after successfully reinstalling it but I’m still waiting for a reply.


I think you’re right that it was the switch. At the outset, however, it was far less obvious that that was the case given the similarity of the initial symptoms to those that Devialet owners first noted when our amps became Roon Ready and the problems with gigabit ethernet connections to an Expert Pro were first coming to light.

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Glad to hear you got the ER working again, David. Maybe Uptone can shed some light on it, if anyone else has come across a similar problem.

@David_Aiken - Do let us know the outcome of the email or if the issues return.

Just got a reply from Uptone. They haven’t had any similar reports but they don’t think it’s an overheating issue.

It’s around 15 hours since I reconnected the EtherREGEN and it’s still working flawlessly. There’s a bit over 5 hours playing time in that period, 2 hours last night and 3 hours this morning. It worked flawlessly for almost 4 weeks since receiving it before yesterday’s problem and network issues do happen. Unless it starts happening on a regular basis I’ve got no reason to think its a switch problem so at the moment I’m going to put it down as just one of those occasional network problems that happen to everyone sooner or later.

Thanks for the suggestions and support. The occasional network problem may be a minor inconvenience but losing music playback completely, even if it’s only briefly, is a different thing entirely.

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Thanks for the update David. It is possible that this was a one-time issue but if it returns do let us know and we can re-open this thread, thanks!

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