Lost some favorites etc after sign up again

Core Machine (windows 10/System info/1.6 “512”)

I was using roon months ago and i have a good bit of data built up, favorite artists, playlists etc and i recently came back to roon and signed up for the year.
when i was using roon last i never did a backup and now when i look at my favorite artists there are about 4 and only a hand full of playlist etc
I know i was my fault for not doing a back up but i was wondering if it is possible to recover this data? i was just thinking it might be possible as i didnt delete anything.


Hi @oisin_carpenter,

Welcome back! Regarding the old database - do you still have access to the same PC the database was created on?

Where did you save the favorite artists from, did you have a TIDAL/Qobuz account linked to Roon?

Hi Noris,

Yes i do. I have tidal linked to my roon and i guess it would have been a mix of both but maybe more from my own content.

Hi @oisin_carpenter,

Since you mentioned you had TIDAL content previously, have you logged into your TIDAL account on the Roon Settings -> Services tab?

Are you sure you’re using the right Roon Profile? Perhaps you had your favorites saved under a different profile name.


My tidal account is and was signed in and i have only ever used one profile on my account.
Is there a way i can check how old the database is to see if its goes back to?

Hi @oisin_carpenter,

You can check how old the database is by navigating to the Database Location, right-clicking the Roon folder and viewing the properties.

Seeing how old the database is won’t help much unfortunately it has been reset though, and there’s no way to retrieve an old database once it’s been reset without backups.

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