Lost Sonicorbitor OS

No longer having microrendue connectivity after reestablishing my Lindemann DSD. Tried rebooting the router and the Sonictransporter multiple times. Network sees the Sonictransporter and the Lindemann DAC. I can play music from my Synology fine through the Lindemann music server but no USB input due to the lost microrendue.

The system was down for awhile but hadn’t had any issues for a long while. Now I’m missing what the microrendue and USB input can do on the Lindemann.

Thanks for your help

I’ve moved this to support.

Hi @Michael_De_Salvo,

What does your network setup look like?

Can you provide an overview of where the MicroRendu and the SonicTransporter are connected? Are they connected directly into the router, or are you using switches, powerline adapters, range extenders, ect. for the MicroRendu? What is the model/manufacturer of your networking gear?

For the MicroRendu itself, do you see it get a valid IP address in your router settings? Are you able to access the MicroRendu Web Interface?

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