Lost sonictranporter as authorized device...Roon can't find it

roon keeps searching for my sonictransporter (i unplugged it back in a few times for a fresh restart)
but no luck…

this is partly my fault…it wasn’t connecting so i chose to disconnect from it.
but i didn’t think reconnecting would be such a hassle.

i got this instead below…but it won’t connect to the sonictransporter

so now i did reload the www.sonicorbiter page…took forever to have my device show
(i clicked on ‘‘manage’’ but nothing happened)…then it finally shows.
so i click on ‘configure Roon’

finally the sonictransporter DOES show as a core with a green ‘connect’
along with my laptop…i choose the sonictransporter to connect to.
and then i get this page (below) but nothing happens.
it takes me back to the LOG IN PAGE

it’s now up and running…was taking me between seeing a green light to click on for sonictransporter…i’d click in on to ‘connect’ …then would be taken back to ‘log in’ page.

it’s back up now…did you guys in roon support tweak something on your end?
pls tell me what happened, if so, please.