Lost SOtM connection

Mac Mini > Ethernet Switch > SOtm SMS200Neo> Denafrips Ares II via USB. All wired directly via Ethernet cable as well as all other endpoints.

My SOtM SMS200 Neo network endpoint disappeared after the latest Roon Update. All of my other devices (2 Rpi4s, 2Apple TVs, etc.) all show up and are working correctly. Everything was working flawlessly prior to the update. I have checked the internet paths, reflashed the micro SD card on the SOtM unit to no avail. Do I need to reset my Roon Core or is there another approach to help the Core find this endpoint?

No official support, but, rebooting the core machine is worth trying.

Hey @Brian_Haselden,

A belated welcome back to the Roon community. I am so sorry about the gap between the time you posted this thread and we got a chance to reply - it’s all us and I apologize.

I was wondering if a Core reboot as suggested by @Rugby (thanks :pray:) helped? Can we help with anything at all?