"Lost" the database? Re-importing all tracks, everything "Added Today"

Not quite sure what happened here, @support, but as of my last system reboot, roon is re-importing all my local tracks. I seem to have lost all the metadata changes, play counts, etc.

Everything on my network is basically the same (certainly the files on the server are the same)…what might have happened here?

Added info:

Note that this happened when I lost the connection to the Roon Core. The NUC couldn’t be logged into and had to be powered down and back up. But, you’d think the database was robust, no? Anyway…help!

More added info:

Not everything got re-added, so I’m confused about what happened here. A whole bunch of albums were suddenly “added” as new. Those albums had been there before, and I’m not sure if they’re really “new” to Roon or not. Basically, something weird has happened…and I don’t know what happened. :confused:

Hi @David_Nanian ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I will be contacting you via PM shortly to gather logs so we can take a closer look at what’s going on here.

Roon is designed to ensure edits and other similar data is safely stored and attached to your files in our database, and we should be able to figure out why Roon thinks these are new files – I’m guessing you are seeing “new” on many of the albums in your collection? Can you confirm?

In the meantime, I would like to gather some information from you so we can have a better understanding of any potential causes to this issues when we begin our evaluation of the problem. May I kindly ask you to please verify the following:

  1. Can you think of anything that has changed on your core machine or NAS since experiencing this issues. OS / software updates? New applications? Network changes?

  2. Are there any patterns in behavior or actions you can think of, while using Roon, prior to this happening that may be a factor in this problem?

  3. Can you verify that this is still you current setup:

“Core = Synology 2415+ with lots of memory. Quad core processor, database on a USB3 SSD. Remote clients = iPhone 6S, an iPad Pro, a Galaxy S7, a Surface Book and a MacBook Pro 13.”

If anything has changed please let us know, your insight is appreciated!


Basically, as I described, the Core had become inaccessible. I was unable to log into the NUC remotely, so I had to power it down.

After doing so, and restarting the core, almost everything was “missing”. It was rescanning, and when done, a whole bunch of rather “old” albums that had been scanned when I first installed ROON (they’re old enough to be 128K AAC files) suddenly appeared as “new” albums, added “today”.

My current setup is different, based on your recommendations. I’m using a Skull Canyon NUC with lots of memory (as I recall, I installed 32GB). Data’s on an internal, fast Samsung PRO SSD (which is also the boot drive). The files are hosted as they were before, on the Synology 2415+. There are two watched folders, though. One has the normal iTunes “duplicate” library (which is rsync’ed from the real one). The other has a library of DSD files that are managed manually, and is much smaller.

Remote clients are now an iPhone 7 and Google Pixel along with the others, and also an iMac (which was a remote client before, so I’m not sure why it wasn’t listed).

There’s nothing I did that I don’t do all the time (sometimes I will change routers, which I have to do for testing, but i’ve probably done that 100 times since Roon was installed).

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Thanks David. If you haven’t already, try to give us a rough estimate of when this happened – that will expedite our analysis of your logs, which will happen in parallel to our troubleshooting of the issue for you.

Appreciate your patience here and looking forward to working this out for you soon.

It happened within 30 minutes of when I sent the support request, as I recall.

Hi @David_Nanian ---- Thanks for the insight! I have added this information to report for my developers.