Lost track on new album

Hi, I am experiencing lost track when adding new album to Roon’s library. Somehow one track will go missing even though the track is in the same folder. I have to copy the same track replacing the old (missing) one then only the track will appear.

Hi Gary,
Sorry your having trouble, can you provide specific details:

  • Roon Version
  • Operating System
  • Where the files are stored and what format there are.
  • What the album is (a link to it on www.allmusic.com would be very useful)
  • What the problem track is

Are the meta tags all consistent across the tracks? E.g. Do they all carry the same album tag ?

Roon 1.1 Build 88
Files on NAS (QNAP TS-212P)
So far 2 albums:
Amused to Death SACD- Roger Waters (Track 12 & 14)
Vienna SACD - Fritz Reiner (Track 2)

And yes, all metatags are consistent and same album tag.

Hey @hk6230, sorry for troubles. Would you mind to share this track with us? We want to try to reproduce this issue in-house to get a better sense of what is going on there. See my PM for more details.