Lost track, roon can't see

I have added album 18 songs (flac) in Qnap, but Roon can’t see first track.

Some screenshots of the folder and file paths on your NAS would help people understand a little more what might be going on. At present there’s really too little information to make a constructive guess as to the problem.

Also go to Settings > Library > Skipped files as this might give you some info about the missing track.

Again, a special character issue?

Please see attached print screen files.

Hi @Aleksandar_M ----- Thank you for the feedback and providing the requested screenshots. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, just to confirm. In regard to the content being displayed under “skipped files”, are any of these entries the missing “first track” from your report?


Hi Eric,

I think problem is wrong ripped CD, maybe I lost some track during the process of ripping ?

Please see attached print screen.

Only way is to back and try ti rip “error” track from CD?

Yes, I would. Does the CD look scratched / dirty?

Sometimes I find that different ripping programmes can produce rips when the first one can’t. That doesn’t mean it’s a dBPoweramp issue, I use it all the time.

dBpoweramp is very good. Sometimes XLD working also good.