Lots of albums not shown in Roon

Roon Core Machine

ASUS VivoMini UN65U_UN68J I5-8250U @1.60GHz 1.80 GHhz
Windows 11 Pro 21H2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Switch Netgear GS724T

Connected Audio Devices

2 squeezebox touch
1 bluesound


Number of Tracks in Library

169708 tracks
stored on QNAP TVS 873 RAM 16GB
mirror-system TS431 RAM 4GB

Description of Issue

In the folder “Bob Dylan” you can 208 subfolders containing 96.7 GB an 3581 files (including beside flac & mp jpg and maybe some pdf)

Searching with Roon using “Bob Dylan” as keyword I am getting 50 hits. The next hits are albums related to Bob Dylan like “Byrds” Melanie" an so on.
Searching for one the “not found” albums by using the album-name (e.g. 2000-09-20 Birmingham" shows immediately the correct album.

How about if you search for Bob Dylan, hit return, then click on artist and then discography? Does that show all albums?


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artist = artists name = Bob Dylan ?

discography = meine Bibiliothek ?

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I tried it

result: 154 album

maybe the bootleg-album is not shown because it is lossy

But that is ridiculous. If I am ripping a lot of bootleg-discs, I probably would like to hear und of course find this files without any problems

I have a small amount of lossy albums, but they all show up in Roon. Can you check in settings/library to see if any files were skipped on import?

They are not skipped because they up by using the name of the album.

I checked the point “skipped files” no Bob Dylan files

Just FYI, I never have a problem with my lossy files showing up either.

Are the 208 subfolders (I suppose one per album) all different albums, or do you have some albums several times (lossy and FLAC, or different releases of the same album)?

Soem are different releases of the same album (stereo & mon for example)

In that case they may appear under a single album. You’ll need to go to such an album and select the ‘versions’ tab. That should show all versions.



Yes, thats fine. But some albums are absolutely not listed by searching for “Bob Dylan”. Searching for ALBUM-NAME they will show up

“Show hidden tracks and albums”??

YES active

I just searched for “Bob Dylan” and it’s not showing all available albums either. It shows me 65 under “Albums” in the search result, but I see 245 “Main albums” in the Discography.
(I have 2 or 3 locally, the rest is all Tidal & Qobuz)

Always default to Albums (Sorted by Date Added) view when ripping/uploading music or running Force Rescan under Storage. As the new music is being ingested, you will see right away what Roon is adding to the library or not adding – and how Roon is identifying it or not identifying it.

Many users seemingly fail to do this, even though this approach brings visual clarity to purportedly missing albums.



I do find the albums. But. not searching for „Bob Dylan“. I find the Album by searchin using the correct album-titel as keyword.

There seems to be a significant difference between the Roon Ipad-App and Roon on Windows 11. I just checked the albums on the ipad and found all (or almost all, I have to count and double check). Right now I am using the Windows 11 box: only a few hits, most of the albums are missing.
Is there a bug in the windows-version of Roon???

You are right. I do that normally.
I just checked it again:
removing the folder including the 20 flac-files
The amaount of tracks in Roon decreased → correct
Copy the folder back the amount of tracks increased for 20 → correct
the album does not appear as a new album

Doing it again and cleaing the database, the album is showing up as a new album
but will not be found by searching for Bob Dylan

Maybe I have resolved the problem. I will check in detail.


If you go to the main album page and just use the funnel filter for Bob Dylan not using the search hourglass do they show up? Have all albums been fully identified as this can some times lead to them not being found.

258 for me and all there on Windows 11 and iOS. Don’t own them all myself but shows all that Roon can find.