Lots of albums suddenly appear split

This happened just now, and was not a problem before just now, as far as I am aware.

I opened up Roon and went to the albums view - loads of my albums now appear twice!! When I click on both “versions”, I find that some tracks are assigned to one version, and the rest of the tracks to the other!

So the albums are not being imported twice - but many are split into two, with some tracks on one and the rest on the other.

What is going on? I’ve tried restarting Roon as well as my Macbook, but no help there!

Hey @extracampine – can you confirm what version you’re running?

You can find this information on the About page, available on the Settings screen.

Let me know, and if needed we’ll take a deeper look. Thanks!

V1 build 16 - the latest build.

I followed the instructions to send you the data - Roon has been “Sending data” for about 10 minutes now - is this expected?

Edit: I just clicked elsewhere on the Roon screen, and the sending data message disappeared. Let me know if you got it OK.

Hey @extracampine – we didn’t get it :frowning:

How big is your library roughly?

I only have about 1/8 of my library in Roon at the moment as I’m not on my main Roon machine yet - it lists it as 1412 albums in the Roon summary screen. I’ll try sending it again - same code?

Yup, thanks @extracampine.

Just did it. It’s on the animated “sending data” logo again.

Ah - now says support package sent :slight_smile:

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Got it! Thanks @extracampine!

Excellent. Let me know how you get on. If I don’t respond, it’s cos I have gone to bed for the night :smiley:

I had the exact same issue. Fixed it manually (took me over an hour and a half).

Please don’t let this happen again!


same here…have done it myself with Fix track Grouping. Luckily is was only about 20 or so albums that got split up

Ah…for me its hundreds! Any luck Mike?

I got the same problem yesterday. I had about 1400 albums and now 2400. I am using build 16 on an Mac mini (late 2012). Albums coming from a Qnap.

Hey guys, we have info from @extracampine and we’re working on a fix here. Hopefully it will be a quick one.

Sorry about this all, will let everyone know as soon as we have some news.

Hey guys – just to let you guys know, we believe we have a fix completed for this issue. The issue was triggered by some changes related to storage in last week’s build, so we don’t expect to see this bug again.

The fix did not make it to QA in time for the release we’re preparing right now, but it should be in next week’s release, once we finish testing it. We appreciate your patience guys.

The fix we’ve checked in should fix any split albums, so for now you don’t need to do anything. If you want to use the Track Grouping feature to fix the albums in the mean time, the albums will remain properly grouped once the fix goes out, so the choice is yours.

Sorry again for the trouble guys!

Hi mike,

Thanks. I will wait because there are to many split. Please let me know as soon as the release is there.

Pieter dVR

How are things going? When can we await this fix?


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It happened to me too on build 29. I saw it happen.
My browser was on a certain album and I closed Roon (I had to kill the process because I had switched to ASIO and it causes the process to hang when shutting down).
I started up Roon again, and the browser was supposed to go back to the album that I was on, but instead I got an “Album not found” message. I clicked back to the album list and saw that it was spliced.
And now I found even a Tidal album where it happened, but don’t know if it happened in build 21 or 29.

So seems like build 29 did not fix this issue.

Hi @Chikolad – the fix in Build 29 was for a very specific case: albums stored on NAS drives that became split on OSX when we made some changes to our storage backend in Build 16.

Your issues sound a little different, I think. Can you double check that the albums you’re seeing split have sensible tags, file names, and directory structure, and then let us know? If the files are in their own folder, and they’re sequential (either from the file names, or the track # tags), they shouldn’t be split up.

If you’re seeing albums that are split, send me a PM and we’ll take a look ok? I’d be happy to look at the ASIO issue too, if that’s happening consistently.

Thanks @Chikolad.